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GOP: Not Willing To Compromise

In case you were worried that post-partisan politics might be on the horizon, don't be. GOP says compromise not on the agenda if they...

AR-04: A New Rankin Ad, Now With 100% More Canine Humor!

Bullet-point reactions because this does not warrant full paragraphs: "The problem is, this 'blue dog' won't bark."  I'm guessing someone in Rankin's camp made that...

AR-04: Let’s Get Nit-Picky

So, watching AR-04 Republican candidate Beth Anne Rankin's recent assault on your eyes and brain commercial somehow led to my watching her previous commercial...

AR-04: She’ll See Me Laugh Uncontrollably

In response to her poor showing in the public-speaking portion of the contest, Ms. Magnolia, Beth Anne Rankin, is scurrying to make up some...

Think Tank Memorial End-of-Day Miscellany

Here's the stuff we didn't get to today (or yesterday, as the case may be): Blue Arkansas says supporting the DREAM Act and painting Timmy!...

HCR: Popularity Movin’ On Up, No Word On Deluxe Apartment In Sky

According to Kaiser's Health Tracking Poll: The July Health Tracking Poll indicates overall public support for the health reform law is steady from June,...