Wednesday, July 24, 2024

AR-04: A New Rankin Ad, Now With 100% More Canine Humor!

Bullet-point reactions because this does not warrant full paragraphs:

  • “The problem is, this ‘blue dog’ won’t bark.”  I’m guessing someone in Rankin’s camp made that joke, and someone else said “OH, SNAP! NO HE DIDN’T!”  There might even have been an exchange of awkward high-fives.  As a general rule, jokes that inspire high fives among Republican campaign staff do not make for good television commercials.  This ad is not an exception to that rule.
  • “This blue dog voted for the bailouts…”  While it was not perfect, TARP (in some form) was necessary, which is probably why John Boozman, 90 other House Republicans, and 33 Senate Republicans voted for it as well.  As of this writing, the projected final cost of TARP is about $30B; in terms of U.S. GDP, TARP (1%) cost less than the 1980s Savings & Loan crisis (3.2%).  It saddens me that you can probably get a few extra votes by tying your opponent to this, by the way.  Just thought I’d mention that.
  • “the FAILED stimulus…” OK, now you are just being obtuse.  The failure of the stimulus was that no one had the guts to double the original amount, which would have been much closer to what was actually needed.  As authorized, the stimulus has not failed; it has raised employment relative to what it would have been without the stimulus by roughly 3 million jobs.  Point being, stressing “failed” in your commercial only makes sense if you are of the (correct) opinion that the amount should have been much higher.
  • “the BLOATED budget…” Um … huh?  Obama FY2010 budget including the cost of two wars: $3.6 trillion.  Bush FY2009 budget exclusive of cost of two wars: $3.1 trillion.  Bush FY2008 budget exclusive of cost of two wars: $2.9 trillion.  Are we saying that pre-Obama budgets were similarly bloated?
  • “the healthcare overhaul in committee…”  My biggest bone of contention with Congressman Ross is his vote against healthcare reform when the actual bill was up for a vote.  How he voted in committee is hardly a concern, especially if your point in bringing it up is to somehow lay blame on Ross for the HCR bill.  But, whatever, logic and intellectual honesty are obviously not your cup o’ tea.
  • “and, also, has voted for Nancy Pelosi FOUR TIMES!”  He voted for the person his party nominated rather than the Republican nominee?!?!?  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME, BETH ANNE!!!  (Seriously, do you think he should have voted “present”?  It’s not like he could reasonably be expected to vote for John Boehner.)

I am going to miss Beth Anne Rankin after she loses — and lose she will — on November 2.  She’s highly entertaining from a blogging standpoint.

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