Tuesday, July 23, 2024

MAGA’s Economic and Immigration Plans Will Cause Hunger and Famine in the US

MAGA will willingly kill Americans to own the libs.

Being in a cult means never thinking or using common sense. In this case, I am referring to the Donald Trump/Heritage Foundation/MAGA/fake Christian proposed policy to deport up to 20,000,000 immigrants.

It’s as if, and bear with me here, MAGA doesn’t understand the massive importance of the immigrant population. When people like Greg Abbott and Ken Paxton cheer for your policy, you know nothing intelligent or thoughtful is going to happen.

Plus, and let’s be honest here: the crime rate for immigrants is far lower than the that of the Trump family. Or even just Donny himself, who never met a law he wouldn’t break for $5.

Let’s look at how MAGA’s immigration policy will impact just one component of the economy, which is food.

From the New American Economy Research Fund:

  • “As recently as 2019, almost half—or 48.9 percent—of all agricultural workers were foreign-born and more than one-fourth (27.3 percent) were undocumented.”
  • “Among workers in crop production, the share of foreign-born workers is even higher. In 2019, almost 57 percent of crop production workers were immigrants, including 36.4 percent who were undocumented.

Approximately 2,300,000 workers are in agriculture, fishing, and forestry, which means that:

  • 1,300,000 of crop production workers are foreign born
  • 837,200 of those are undocumented

I think we can all agree that foreign born and undocumented workers are kinda pretty sorta important for getting food to our tables, que no? Yet, MAGA wants to deport/imprison these workers?

Let’s say that, somehow, mini-Goebbels Steven Miller gets his bigoted way and manages to deport just a fraction of these workers, perhaps 10%. That’s 230,000 agricultural and related workers booted out of the US.

It’s not that simple, of course. The mere threat of forced deportation will scare at least another 10% away. Then, there is the support staff for ag workers such as stores, food, events, etc. These businesses will see their core customers leaving, and they will need to shut down. Then, more immigrants will be deported or frightened. That 230,000 workers will grow considerably higher as it becomes a death spiral to nothingness.

Again, we are talking about just 230,000 ag workers, so it’s not that big of a deal to replace them, correct? After all, the unemployment rate is a staggering 3.9%, with many of those not desiring to work, so the working, realistic unemployment rate is that much lower. Let’s look at a potential Craigslist post to find replacement workers.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? I could totally see that 3.9% of unemployed scrambling to get these wonderful, easy money jobs. Or not. Only the hardest working people work in agriculture, and these positions won’t be filled by American teenagers or semi-retirees.

What happens next is terrifying.

Crops will go unplanted. Fields will not be tended. Crops will go unpicked. Chicken, pork, and beef will not be processed.

Because only a small handful of workers will still be eligible to stay in the country, food production will freeze rapidly. Do you remember how bad the supply chains got under MAGA’s mismanagement of Covid? That was merely a fly in the ointment as opposed to the potential crippling of the entire food chain.

Grocery shelves will be empty. The price of food, any food, will skyrocket. Once the inventory of frozen foods is obliterated, the food supply will get even worse.

There will be mass hunger. Are you going to find food for your family, or are you going to your meaningless job of working for one the oligarchs who facilitated this stupidity?

No food. No demand for other goods because you have to eat before you get a new iPhone. Horrible unemployment rates. People losing their homes because they can’t afford their mortgages. It will be a nation of Okies and dust bowls. Civil unrest is inevitable.

It’s not like this nation doesn’t have food insecurity problems today. 12.8% of US households experienced food insecurity at some point during 2022. Under the MAGA deportation plan, that number will skyrocket.

MAGA stands for the oligarchs and the bigots. Anybody backing Trump either wants this to happen, because owning the libs is more important than eating, or because they don’t understand the proposed policy impact, probably willingly.

There is already a significant shortage of agricultural workers today. Losing just 10% of agricultural workers, or 230,000 people, will be enough to grind many farms to a screeching halt. Deporting all 2,300,000 of agricultural workers would be catastrophic for the nation.

MAGA’s plan to deport millions of immigrants will destroy the economy by removing most of the populace who gets food to your table. This post doesn’t account for the billions of dollars and logistical nightmares it would take to carry out this stupidity.

MAGA aims to force hunger and famine onto America because they don’t understand how the economy functions. Their madness must be stopped.

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