Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Rebooting the Rock: Ethics Violations, Wrist Slaps & Chickens At The LR Zoo

The Ethics Commission hands down meaningless fines to both side of the sales-tax issue, while the zoo makes a questionable donation

Requiem for the Old Man

In which the author attempts to figure out why he has struggled to write about his dad's death

Bronze Medal Figure Skating & Gold Medal Hypocrisy: The Chris Bequette Story

One of the more unexpected stories of racism that you'll come across.

Very Bad Reporting On Both Sides: Pro- and Anti-Sales Tax Committees Referred to Ethics Commission

Both the pro- and anti-tax groups bungled their financial disclosures to an alarming degree.

Little Rock Mayor Touts Transparency, Blatantly Lies to Avoid It

Telling multiple lies to avoid providing public records? Not a good look, especially when those records show up.

Arkansas Law Aimed at LGBTQ+ Lets Doctors Deny Treatment to Unvaxxed

When you pass laws based on hate, you risk having those laws used to deny medical service to your unvaccinated constituents.

An Onion of Lies: Another Layer to Trent Garner’s Fictitious Mugging Story

Remember Trent Garner's lie about stopping a mugging? Even the details he made up don't make sense.

Whitfield Shows How to Get Suspended by Wikipedia for Idiocy [UPDATED]

How dumb do you have to be to get banned from Wikipedia? Let's ask Dan.