Sunday, August 1, 2021

Whitfield Shows How to Get Suspended by Wikipedia for Idiocy [UPDATED]

How dumb do you have to be to get banned from Wikipedia? Let's ask Dan.

Sheriff Spends Thousands On “Patriotic” Car Decorations

The Cleburne County Sheriff spent nearly $8,000 to make a patrol car "patriotic." So much for self awareness.

Miles to Reimburse Before She Sleeps: A Reply to Jessica Ballinger

Bob Ballinger's wife tried to brush aside the post about his campaign spending. So we replied with seven questions for her.

Ham-Fisted Hubris: The Bob Ballinger Story

Ballinger's campaign finance reports are a case study in dumb grifting and reporting errors.

Missy Irvin Keeps Trying ...

Missy Irvin really, really wants to be liked.

The Mismanaged Democratic...

The DPA still hasn't fixed their incorrect FEC reports, is missing financial records, and is being audited by the FEC.

Judge, Gary, and Feckless...

When even members of the Winter Task Force are ignoring potential COVID-19 exposure, we're doomed.

Gee, Whiz: LRSD Board Can...

Tommy Branch Jr., driving a rented SUV, had a BAC over twice the legal limit when he was arrested in September.

The Rent Is La Tour Damn ...

In the previous post abo...