Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Old Doyle Rules: State Employees, Political Activities, & State Time

If you have been hanging around the Arkansas-centric parts of the internet long enough, you might recall when the Arkansas GOP tried to get me fired ...

Ethics Commission Opens Probes Into Both LR Sales Tax Groups

This pretty much had to happen with as bad as those reports were.

Very Bad Reporting On Both Sides: Pro- and Anti-Sales Tax Committees Referred to Ethics Commission

Both the pro- and anti-tax groups bungled their financial disclosures to an alarming degree.

Little Rock Mayor Touts Transparency, Blatantly Lies to Avoid It

Telling multiple lies to avoid providing public records? Not a good look, especially when those records show up.

An Onion of Lies: Another Layer to Trent Garner’s Fictitious Mugging Story

Remember Trent Garner's lie about stopping a mugging? Even the details he made up don't make sense.

Whitfield Shows How to Get Suspended by Wikipedia for Idiocy [UPDATED]

How dumb do you have to be to get banned from Wikipedia? Let's ask Dan.

Sheriff Spends Thousands On “Patriotic” Car Decorations

The Cleburne County Sheriff spent nearly $8,000 to make a patrol car "patriotic." So much for self awareness.

Miles to Reimburse Before She Sleeps: A Reply to Jessica Ballinger

Bob Ballinger's wife tried to brush aside the post about his campaign spending. So we replied with seven questions for her.

Ham-Fisted Hubris: The Bob Ballinger Story

Ballinger's campaign finance reports are a case study in dumb grifting and reporting errors.