Thursday, August 18, 2022

Lies, Damned Lies, & Maximus: A Look At Max Avery’s Response

Max Avery responds to BHR's reporting, doubles down on the lies.

Aggravated Assault, Firearms, and Domestic Violence: More On Max Avery

I guess he was assuming that no one would have these records. Whoops.

Debtus Maximus: Fort Smith House Candidate Is Not What He Appears To Be

I would say his financial situation is smoke and mirrors, but the mirrors have likely be seized by the bank.

Looking Backward to See What Lies Ahead: Notes on the Past & Future of Blue Hog Report

A recap of the big BHR stories over the past decade or so, plus a big ask.

Parrish the Thought: How the Public Defender Commission Bungled the Trent Garner Issue

Hiring Trent Garner to a position he couldn't legally hold was only the start of the APDC's screw-ups.

Trent Garner Leaves Public Defender Behind, But Not His Legal & Ethical Problems

Trent Garner may have resigned his illegal public defender position, but this story is just getting started.

Trent Garner’s (Likely Illegal) Future Plans

Trent Garner has taken a state job that is prohibited under state law. That's problematic at best.

Requiem for a Dipshit: A Final Look At Dan Whitfield’s Failures

Dan lied to Twitter about "private information," so we went ahead and took a look at what all information was actually public.

Dan Whitfield Lies About His Résumé, Then Lies About Lying [UPDATED 5/24/22]

What kind of weirdo lies about things that are subject to the AFOIA? (You know the answer.)