Saturday, November 26, 2022

City Pays Mayor’s Supporters $49,140 for Four Slides of Draft Notes

Forty-two sentences of mediocre work product for nearly $50k. Quite the steal!

Dem-Gaz Fave Heather Turchi Compares Democrats to Hitler, Says We’re “At War” With...

The Democrat-Gazette can't find a reason to disagree with Heather Turchi? Let's look at what that means.

Alley Oops! Frank Scott Jr. Lies to Cover Misdeeds

It doesn't matter what Frank Scott's version is. The evidence shows he's lying.

Frank Scott Jr. Blurs Line Between Office & Campaigning to the Point of Illegality

Frank Scott Jr. is campaigning during office hours, using publicly funded equipment. Let's not pretend like that doesn't matter.

AR HD-75: Seriously, Who is Heather Beech Turchi?

Why is so much of her Heather Turchi's campaign built on lies and omissions?

City Director’s Role in LITfest Debacle Raises Several Messy Questions

Antwan Phillips was an integral part of the LITfest planning while the rest of the board was intentionally excluded. That's a bad look for everyone involved.

“What’s your damage, Heather?” A look at House District 75

What kind of house candidate badgers someone through their video doorbell for supporting the other candidate? Exactly the kind you'd expect.

Adventures in Googling: “Think” Rubix & Client-Data Strategery

If you're searching for basic competence, you should probably look somewhere else.

Earliest LITfest Negotiations Advocated Using Sponsor Funds to Elude LRBOD [UPDATED]

From the earliest meeting, the plan was to use sponsorship money to pay Think Rubix more than the $45,000 contract price.