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The Rent Is La Tour Damn High!: About John La Tour’s Shady Campaign Office Payments

In the previous post about HD-96 candidate and body-armor aficionado John La Tour (R-Fayetteville), I wrote that "s of the end of August, and not counting loans from himself, La Tour’s campaign has raised $13,252.12 in actual contributions since November 2019 that, he has paid himself $6,630, just over 50% of his raised money, in rent." More...

Dan Whitfield Is Ready For His Close Up; His Expenditure Reports Are Not

Why would a campaign on life support spend nearly $6000 on video equipment from August 1 to now?

HD-86 Candidate Turns In La Tour De Force Grifting Performance

Tactical gear and $400 steak dinners as campaign expenses?

Fayetteville Mayoral Candidate Ineligible, Burned By Prior Conviction

AR law is clear--a felony conviction of any kind bars someone from holding public office.

Arkansas Police Treat Protestors As The Enemy, While Defending Actual Anti-Police Group

Two vastly different reactions to protestors and a legitimately anti-police group.

The King and Why: Another LRSD Board Candidate’s Filings Raise Questions (UPDATED AGAIN)

The question is, can you just put any ol' address on your candidate filing forms, or does it actually have to be YOUR address?