The Bombing Buffoon of Bigelow, Arkansas

Sen. Jason Rapert (R-Bigelow) is the Arkansas version of a conservative Renaissance man.  Depending on the day, he may show up as a fiddle player[foot]His one admirable trait, actually.[/foot], a flouter of campaign-finance laws (repeatedly), obliquely racist, a proselytizer of the highest order, a bigot who would attack anyone who doesn’t subscribe to his world view, vehemently anti-Muslim[foot]I must’ve missed the part where Jesus said to be hateful and intolerant of others.[/foot] and anti-woman, fully bent over in service of the oil industrya pompous ass who is willing to turn his back on any constituent who doesn’t blindly support himneither a doctor nor a scientist, a huge proponent of unconstitutional bills that accomplish nothing, and completely disingenuous about his level of transparency when pressed on an issue.

With that kind of schedule, you might think it would be impossible for Sen. Rapert to add “jingoistic moron” to his already impressive curriculum vitae.  How dare you underestimate his ability to multitask?!






That’s right: the distinguished[foot]This is a lie.[/foot] gentleman from Bigelow thinks the best way to deal with the Islamic State involves firing a nuclear weapon.

I assume there’s not a lot of need to explain why this is the dumbest thing any Arkansas legislator has said since Rep. Nate Bell felt the need to pop off about Boston and gun control.

Nevertheless, let’s review, just for some snow-day shiggles:

1. Rapert makes it sound like nuking ISIS would be as simple as targeting a specific house, hitting it with a nuclear weapon, and not worrying about anything else in the world.  Which, honestly, is about as far from reality as one can get in this context.  ISIS holds an area roughly the size of Pennsylvania, with footholds into an area many times larger.  There is no chance — literally none — that Rapert’s plan would wipe out ISIS or convince ISIS to abandon it’s efforts.  In fact…

2. Assume the U.S. took complete leave of its senses and followed Rapert’s insane advice; in addition to killing thousands of non-combants and causing long-term disfigurement and health problems for tens of thousands more, how do you think the region as a whole would react to the U.S.’s actions?  How do you think Russia and China and multiple other places that are not pro-U.S. as it stands would react?  Are we supposed to assume that everyone would say, “whoa…check out America!  If they’re listening to the Bigot of Bigelow, we better fall in line!”?

3. So…Rapert is cool with violating the law?[foot]Based on his abortion bills, the answer here is almost certainly yes.[/foot]  That’s what we’re to take away from this?  Since Missouri v. Holland in 1920, it’s been settled that a validly entered treaty has the same force and effect as the Constitution.  The United States is party to a number of non-proliferation and other treaties that would preclude the proactive use of nuclear weapons.  But, hey, who cares about federal law when there’s an asinine point to be made by some fool that the people of Faulkner County had the poor sense to elect?

At the end of the day, for better or worse[foot]Worse. Definitely worse.[/foot]Jason Rapert is a state senator from Arkansas.  As such, his opinion on how America should handle foreign affairs and enemy combatants is not even remotely important.[foot]This should be self-evident, given that someone who did have input into the decision would probably not be running his mouth about it on Facebook.[/foot] He has no sway with anyone who would make such decisions.

Unfortunately for his constituents, admitting this limitation on his own importance,and engaging his Facebook followers on actual issues is anathema to Jason Rapert.

Or, as Chris Hicks put it on Facebook:




  1. Such an embarrassment to our state but his party just loves him. I seriously ache in my heart for what these bozos are doing to AR.

  2. I’m more taken aback by the idiots who believe he is right, more than the amount of stupid he utters on a regular basis.

  3. Tons of conservatives in his district like myself just wish he would’ve faced a viable candidate either in the primary or general. The Democrats must’ve not taken his race seriously, or they would’ve produced a better opponent than a kid fresh from college with zero legislative experience of any kind. I was hoping for someone to unseat him.

  4. I find it deeply troubling that an elected official of any political party or persuasion can publicly advocate what amounts to indiscriminate murder and genocide. I think all of the members of his own party within the state legislature should immediately repudiate his despicable statements and consider censuring him for them.

  5. The Arkansas GOP, by not speaking out against Mr. Raperts statements, shows where they stand, and the degree of their intelligence. Lord help us, if this is the thinking of our Governor.

  6. Hey now, folks from a truly rural area, most of us are pretty intelligent or we couldn’t survive. Notice I say most of us. There truly are some that are questionable at best, but for the most part pretty good folks. That’s why the military wanted young strapping men from AR, OK, MO, TN, WV, GA BECAUSE they were farm boys and tough as boot leather. Sadly we don’t have that anymore. If he was to team up with Failin Palin, we’d all better bend over a smooch our ass goodbye.

  7. Conway has always had one during times of social stress. You youngins’ need to look up state senator Mutt Jones.

  8. He can barely claim he is from Bigelow. I’ve taught there for 28 years and have never seen him anywhere. He has a house there, but his children certainly don’t go to school there. He is not involved with anything in the community. The only connection he has to that area is the location of his house, which is closer to Conway than to Bigelow. His constituency is mostly Conway as well.

  9. I cannot resist sending this off to my friends near and far just to show how far we have sunk. Mr. Rapert is a leading member of the current Arkansas legislature.

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