Who is BHR?


Blue Hog Report (BHR) is a blog devoted (almost) exclusively to Arkansas politics, and is unabashedly progressive, populist, and liberal in our leanings. It was founded by Matt Campbell in March of 2010, and has won numerous awards and been the focus of several news stories since that time. You can read more about BHR’s awards and news coverage at our Media page.

BHR is not affiliated with any campaign or political organization. The commentaries posted here are solely the opinions of Matt Campbell or, where noted, of guest writers.

BHR welcomes reader feedback.  We reserve the right, however, to publish all or part of any on-the-record emails, so please specify in advance if you wish to keep something off the record.

For almost all questions or comments about the blog or its authors, or if you are a candidate or a candidate’s representative and wish to contact BHR for whatever reason, simply email matt [at] bluehogreport [dot] com.  If you are writing in regard to a specific post or comment, please provide a link to the item in question in your email, if possible.

Finally, if you are writing to bring our attention to a noteworthy news item or other political nugget that we might have overlooked, send your email to tips [at] bluehogreport [dot] com.

Thank you for reading and helping us in Promoting Economic Populism, Ethical Government, and Social Progress in Arkansas.