Monday, June 24, 2024

AR-Sec. State: Oh, Look, There’s More

For background, read this post first.  In it, I wrote

Nor is a little confusion about overlapping address use the only issue here.  Consider, too, Martin’s phone.  The above invoice lists M3‘s phone number as (479) 466-7386, and the company’s website says the same thing. Most important, should one go to Martin’s campaign website and click the “Donate” option, that page lists the contact number for Martin’s campaign as [the same number].  The same number for contacting Martin vis-a-vis his campaign is also given at the AR GOP website.

As further proof that there’s no real clear demarcation by Martin between phones that are used for legislative purposes (and reimbursed by the state), phones that are used for his home-based business, and phones that are used for campaign purposes, check this out.

Here’s the domain information for Martin’s personal blog, Off The Marble, which he used in his capacity as representative to proffer ideas on governance and liveblog various committee meetings.

The contact phone number is listed as (479) 466-7386, which, as we discussed in the previous post, is listed at times both as Martin’s contact number as representative as well as Martin’s contact number for campaign purposes.

Now, here’s the domain information for his campaign website.

Same number.

Finally, here is the domain information for Martin’s company, M3 Engineering, Inc.

Hmm.  I think I see a pattern here, folks.

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