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Immigration: Judge Correctly Blocks Some Parts Of AZ Immigration Law

Well this is sure to draw scads of hyperbolic, ignorant, and/or legally inaccurate rants from conservative television and radio (and probably from Mike Ross,...

Econ 101: Austerity Has Unicorns

It's not my intention to turn this blog into all-econ, all the time.  But, maybe, if we repeat it enough, this message will get...

RWC: MO GOP Candidate Offers Stupidity In Jesus’ Name

It's nice to see the state where I spent my formative years offering up some right-wing stupidity.  Ed Martin, a Republican candidate for Congress...

RWC: Bachmann Says Obama Making Slaves Of Americans

Michele Bachmann never ceases to amaze. And, by "amaze," I mean "say amazingly ridiculous things to groups of fools inclined to believe her."  This time,...

HCR: Dumas Spells Out AR Benefits

A funny thing happened on the way to the ultimate destruction of Arkansas that Timmy! Griffin, et al., predicted from the health care reform...

HCR: Reform Bill To Tax Wounded Veterans For Prosthetics? Not Really.

If you follow GOP talking points at all, you might have heard that the healthcare reform bill is imposing a tax on users of...