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In Which We Turn Satire Into A Learning Experience

When I wrote the previous post, I assumed it would be obvious satire, not unlike the satirical guest post about the state quarter from...

Rep. Harris On Being Admirable, Steadfast, and Genuine

I was glad that Jeff wrote the piece earlier today about how President Obama deserved credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden for...

The Wimpiest Generation

In 1998, Tom Brokaw wrote the book The Greatest Generation, telling the story of those who grew up during The Great Depression, fought through...

Up Next On BHR TVLand!

Just sit right back, and you’ll hear a tale A tale of some rightward twits Who threw a party serving tea Aboard a flound’ring ship The mate was...

Movable Object Meets A Stoppable Force

Last night in Faulkner County, Deputy Secretary of State Alice Stewart spoke to a local Tea Party group about the just-completed legislative session and...

HB 1292: BHR dice que “muchas gracias” a estos legisladores valientes.

Last Wednesday, the House Committee on State Agencies voted down HB 1292, which would have denied state benefits or services to any undocumented...