Up Next On BHR TVLand!

Just sit right back, and you’ll hear a tale
A tale of some rightward twits
Who threw a party serving tea
Aboard a flound’ring ship

The mate was a vocal Birtherman
The skipper a greedy rube
If the passengers
should win the White House
America would be screwed, America would be screwed

The people started wising up
The Koch Brothers bore the cost
If not for the help of Fox & Friends
The White House would be lost, the White House would be lost


The polls went down on the weakness of
A cast of Tea Party fools
With Jindaligan,

The Skipper, too,

The millionaire,

And his waif,

A reality TV star,

The “Professor,” and

Scary Ann…

Here on Jindaligan’s Isle!



  1. You totally dodged the age-old question…Ginger or Mary Ann?

    Just like you lib-er-als…evading the tough questions.

    Go back to ranting about reimbursements or something

    • In the actual show? Ginger, hands down. I know it’s cool to pretend like you would say Mary Ann, but, really, random farm girl versus leggy, redheaded movie star??

      As for the people in this post? Neither.

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