Monday, May 20, 2024

HB 1292: BHR dice que “muchas gracias” a estos legisladores valientes.

Last Wednesday, the House Committee on State Agencies voted down HB 1292, which would have denied state benefits or services to any undocumented residents except in life-saving situations.  The bills flaws — denying prenatal care to pregnant women whose children, when born, would be U.S. citizens; requiring all Arkansans to file notarized affidavits of citizenship when applying for anything; violating some federal-law provisions; etc. — were well documented. It was, quite simply, a terrible bill designed to push the Tea Party agenda to the detriment of Arkansas and Arkansans.

As he was getting battered during the committee meeting, Rep. Jon Hubbard (R-Jonesboro) offered little in the way of a cogent argument to support the measure, going so far as to offer to pull the bill down to make substantive changes.  The committee refused to allow him to pull the bill down, and the “do pass” motion failed on a voice vote and on a roll call (8 for, 9 against, with 11 needed to pass).

I mention all of this nearly a week later because, since voting against the bill, the following legislators have taken some heat from constituents.  Politics, much like restaurant service and those “How Am I Driving?” stickers on 18-wheelers, only seems to draw comments from those who are unhappy.  For that reason, I’d just like to take a second to thank the following House members:

Rep. Larry Cowling 870-542-7453

Rep. Clark Hall 870-829-3382

Rep. Jim Nickels 501-833-2424

Rep. Tracy Pennartz 479-285-4800

Rep. Johnnie Roebuck 870-403-4382

Rep. Tiffany Rogers 870-830-3953

Rep. Linda Tyler 501-329-8644

Rep. Butch Wilkins 870-972-5503

I encourage any constituents of the above lawmakers to offer up similar thanks.  Let them know that you are paying attention, and you appreciate the vote.

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