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AR-Sen: A Quick Review Of Poll Methodology

I was perusing some of the other blogs when I noticed this statement from Blake in regard to the DK/R2K poll: Lt. Gov. Bill Halter...

AR-Sen: Halter With 4 Point Lead

New DK/R2K poll shows Halter with a 4 point lead (MOE 4%), which is coming dangerously close (for Lincoln) to becoming statistically significant. Democratic primary Blanche...

AR-Sen: DK/R2K Poll Shows Halter With Narrow Lead

Daily Kos in conjunction with Research 2000 has released a new AR-Sen poll.  The long and short of it is that Bill Halter leads...

AR-Sen: Rasmussen, Arkansas Voters, & Cognitive Dissonance

By now, I assume most people have seen the most recent Rasmussen poll showing John Boozman with a sizable lead in hypothetical matchups against...

AR-Sen: Ex-Prez To Campaign With Soon-To-Be-Ex-Senator

Former President Bill Clinton will apparently be in Arkansas on May 28 to campaign on behalf of Sen. Lincoln during her "Countdown To Victory"...

AR-Sen: What A Difference A Day Makes

An overnight poll by Research 2000, as reported by Democracy for America, shows Bill Halter ahead of Blanche Lincoln.  Among the questions asked: QUESTION: Who...