AR-Sen: DK/R2K Poll Shows Halter With Narrow Lead


    Daily Kos in conjunction with Research 2000 has released a new AR-Sen poll.  The long and short of it is that Bill Halter leads Blanche Lincoln 47-44, with 9% still undecided (MOE +/- 5%) . You can find the entire poll here.

    Obviously, that lead is statistically insignificant, but it is a continuation of the upward trend Halter has shown against Lincoln since the beginning of March.

    Other notable results:

    Lincoln 59/36
    Halter 63/21

    And, among likely general election voters (MOE +/- 4%):

    Blanche Lincoln (D) 38
    John Boozman (R) 58

    Bill Halter (D) 42
    John Boozman (R) 53

    Lincoln 37/58
    Halter 47/37
    Boozman 52/34

    Other info from the poll can be found here.