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There Goes The Neighborhood

In what I can only assume was a momentary lapse in judgment, Jason Tolbert and Roby Brock were kind enough to ask me to...

Think Tank Memorial End-of-Day Miscellany

According to the Kubler-Ross model, there are five discrete stages people go through when dealing with grief or tragedy: denial ("No...no...this isn't happening! Lalalalalala,...

AR-Sen: Don’t Know Much About History

Just how poorly is Blanche Lincoln polling right now? Worse than any "true" incumbent in history. If Lincoln does little to improve her standing in...

AR-Sen: Lincoln Twin Bill

Along with the ad Jeff mentioned earlier, Senator Blanche Lincoln released a second ad regarding her position on healthcare reform. /crickets //tumbleweeds ///random guy in the background...

AR-02: Poll On, Family; Poll On, Crew

By now, pretty much anyone who cares about such things has heard about the Talk Business poll showing Timmy! Griffin leading Joyce Elliot by...

AR-Sen, AR-Gov: Boozman, Beebe lead

Talk Business released a new poll on the AR-Sen and AR-Gov races yesterday. The Senate polling was about what I expected, but the...