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AR-Sen: In The Blogs

Recently added to the BHR blogroll, the awesomely named Donkeylicious raises a good point about Blanche Lincoln's more-stringent derivative reform proposal. Namely Take a clear...

AR-Sen: New Talk Business Poll Released

Talk Business polled 1,167 statewide voters regarding their preference in the Democratic preferential primary for U.S. Senator.  The results: 38%  Blanche Lincoln 31%  Bill Halter 10%  D.C....

AR-Sen, AR-01: In The Blogs

Blanche Lincoln:  Bill Halter takes money from organized labor, and he will answer to them rather than to the voters. Reality: Pot, meet kettle.  (h/t...

AR-02: Poll Results Surprising, But Not For Reasons You Might Think

Talk Business polled 446 voters in the second congressional district, and the results were a little surprising, at least on the surface. 21% Joyce...

AR-Sen: Lincoln Continues To Make Bizarre Campaign Decisions

So, let me get this straight... Blanche Lincoln was comfortably ahead by double digits about a month ago.  Rather than run ads promoting herself and...

AR-Sen: In The Blogs

Blue Arkansas blog offers a rundown of the most recent Rasmussen polling numbers for Blanche Lincoln's seat. UPDATE: Not surprisingly, Faith and Freedom Coalition is...