Monday, June 17, 2024

AR-Sen, AR-01: In The Blogs

Blanche Lincoln:  Bill Halter takes money from organized labor, and he will answer to them rather than to the voters.

Reality: Pot, meet kettle.  (h/t Blue Arkansas Blog)


I have a short post upcoming about some potential issues with the methodology in the Talk Business polls.  However, one thing that does not seem to be getting near enough mention from blogs (but does seem to show up in blog comments a little bit) is the questionable use of The Political Firm to conduct the polling.

Why is it questionable?  Look at this picture and tell me what you see (click to enlarge):

TPF and Gilbert Baker

Hmm…Gilbert Baker…seems I’ve heard that name before.  (Sarcasm aside, does anyone else find it odd that Talk Business would not use a polling company that had no ties to any candidates?)


Jason Tolbert reports that Newt Gingrich has endorsed Princella Smith in the AR-01 GOP primary.  Here is where I continue to wonder aloud whether endorsements have any effect, and I’ll add a question as to whether a national figure-endorsement like this carries more weight than one from an Arkansan.  I remain unsure as to the answer to either, and I think there is enough difference between Smith and her competitor, Rick Crawford, for this race to provide much of an answer.

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