Monday, May 27, 2024

AR-Sen: In The Blogs

Recently added to the BHR blogroll, the awesomely named Donkeylicious raises a good point about Blanche Lincoln’s more-stringent derivative reform proposal. Namely

Take a clear and strong stand against the banks, and if you go down swinging, people will at least know you were on the right side. Policywise, you need to pass a strong bill before the next financial crisis sets itself up, and a weak bill now doesn’t help that much. While we won’t get the current Senate numbers we’ve got for a long time yet, one might hold out hope for a reformed Senate in 2017[.]


Blue Arkansas examines what Bill Halter needs to do to pull ahead of Lincoln now that he is within striking distance in nearly all reputable polls.  As is generally the case, it’s the economy, stupid.


The Tolbert Report discusses the minor kerfluffle between Leslie Peacock at the Arkansas Times and Roby Brock of Talk Business over the latter’s polling practices.  I’m with Jason on this one; I might have a few quibbles with TB’s methodology (still to come in a post…really), but Leslie’s “points” were just asinine, and they showed a total disregard for fact-finding.  When is Max getting back again?

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