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Thoughts From Last Night

Three watch parties, about 100 shaken hands, one photo with Lt. Gov. Halter, and some 12:30am chocolate chip cookies later, here we are.  If...

AR-Sen, et al.: Final Arkansas Election Line ratings

Via Talk Business, here are the final Arkansas Election Line ratings: For the U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress and statewide constitutional offices, here are our final...

AR-Sen: New DK/R2K Poll Suggests Run-Off Likely

New numbers out today from Daily Kos/Research 2000.  Long story short, Blanche Lincoln has gained three points (up from 43 to 46), and Bill...

AR-Sen: New Polling Numbers

A new poll from Arkansas News/Stephens Media (MOE ~5%) shows Blanche Lincoln with a 44-32 lead over Bill Halter.  D.C. Morrison showed up with...

AR-Sen: Halter Trumps Lincoln In April Fundraising

So sayeth Arkansas Business: LITTLE ROCK - Democratic Senate hopeful Bill Halter's campaign says he raised nearly twice as much as Sen. Blanche Lincoln...

AR-Sen: Fort Smith Paper Finds Way To Endorse Republican in Dem Primary

The Fort Smith City Wire has endorsed D.C. Morrison in the May 18 preferential primary.  Though they admit that their endorsement is "unlikely to...