AR-Sen, AR-Gov: Boozman, Beebe lead


    Talk Business released a new poll on the AR-Sen and AR-Gov races yesterday. The Senate polling was about what I expected, but the Gubernatorial race was kind of surprising.

    In a poll conducted on Saturday, July 17 among 793 likely Arkansas voters, our polling firm, Washington, D.C.-based Zata 3, found the following results:


    John Boozman (R) 57%
    Blanche Lincoln (D) 32%
    Trevor Drown (I) 3%
    John Gray (G) 2%
    Undecided 6%



    Mike Beebe (D) 49.5%
    Jim Keet (R) 40.5%
    Undecided 10%

    Talk Business opined that perhaps the recent VehicleGate incident was causing some drag on Beebe’s numbers. My guess is that this theory is probably the best explanation; it’s not like Keet has offered anything of substance in terms of state policies that would otherwise sway voters.