Monday, May 27, 2024

AR-Sen: Lincoln Twin Bill

Along with the ad Jeff mentioned earlier, Senator Blanche Lincoln released a second ad regarding her position on healthcare reform.

///random guy in the background lets loose a single cough
////people nervously look at one another as the silence drags on too long

So…let me get this straight. Everywhere you go, people complain about your position (I note you use the singular there) on healthcare because some hate that there was a healthcare reform bill at all and some think that the bill was rendered impotent by removal of things like the public option? And you take that as some sort of evidence that you are right in the middle? Interesting.

I take it to mean that you helped kill the public option at a time when 83% of Arkansas Democrats and 56% of Arkansans overall supported a public option, and then you delivered a schizophrenic picture wherein you voted for the HCR bill but against the House “fixes” package and claimed that you both were and were not the deciding vote on HCR.

As for the ad, since when is swinging wildly to-and-fro, generally voting against how your state and/or your party wish you would vote, trying “to find a balance?” A balanced position might anger the fringes on either side, but it would not generally the foster the visceral hatred that so many seem to have for Lincoln. A balanced position would not try to be both for and against healthcare reform, depending on what audience was listening. In short, a middle, balanced position would be … well … balanced. And Senator Lincoln’s position on healthcare reform has been about as balanced as a one-legged fat man doing pilates on a skateboard.

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