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Wildin’ Out: Local Gun Store Shows How Systemic Racism Works

I guess Wildman Arms doesn't think privacy or the 2nd Amendment apply to black men.

Adventures in Ineligibility: FranSha’ Anderson Meets Amendment 95

FranSha' Anderson (aka Dametrice Burke) has at least two hot-check convictions that will be a problem for her LRSD candidacy.

French Hill Misleads About Obama to Cover for Trump

When you have to drop a disingenous "what about Obama" to justify something Trump did, you're on the wrong side.

Mercy Mercy Me: Craighead County Judge Running for Mayor; Constitution Says No

That feeling when you announce for an office that you're legally prohibited from being elected to.

Jason Rapert Wants to Say “White Power”

Sen. Jason Rapert doesn't understand why he can't say "white power" if Black people can say "black power." Poor little racist baby.

Jason Rapert – Same Song, Second Verse (A Little Bit Louder, A Little Bit Worse)

Stop me if you've heard this one: Jason Rapert is fired up and going to propose an unconstitutional law.