Sunday, July 5, 2020

Michael John Gray Continues to Mislead in Response to Allegations

Yesterday, local media started to pick up the allegations about Michael John Gray, the Democratic Party of Arkansas, and Karyn Bradford-Coleman that were laid out in this post and this post. The Arkansas Times was the first to publish something about the...

Michael John Gray Responds (Sorta) With Misleading Email

Michael John Gray's response to yesterday's post wasn't accurate, and his campaign-finance reports are incomplete and troubling.

Infidelity, Incompetence, & Inaccuracy: Leadership Failures at the Democratic Party of Arkansas

A complete lack of leadership and an inability to do even basic quarterly reporting correctly are hurting the Democratic Party of Arkansas.

Why is Fort Smith resident James Kusurtin Jr. still on the Pope County Quorum Court?

JP James Kusurtin Jr. moved to Fort Smith, but no one in Pope County government seems willing to do anything about it.

Mayflower Police Planning AFOIA Violations According to New Policy

Mayflower Police have a new AFOIA policy. It's basically four AFOIA violations waiting to happen.

Carolina In My Mind: A Closer Look at Trent Garner’s Mugging Story

We located where Trent Garner's mugging story took place, and the records sure don't seem to match his version.