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“What Say You and I go Toe-to-Toe on Bird Law?” A Look At Dan Whitfield’s Recent Interview

Dan Whitfield used his Capitol View interview to spew lies and misleading statements rather than actually answering questions.

Life in the Time of COVID: Arkansas Teachers & Whistle Blower Protections

What protections AR teachers may have when reporting violations of rules and regulations about COVID-19.

One year later, DPA reporting is still a mess; FEC launches investigation

The party's reports are a mess, and we told you so--a year ago.

Wildin’ Out: Local Gun Store Shows How Systemic Racism Works

I guess Wildman Arms doesn't think privacy or the 2nd Amendment apply to black men.

Adventures in Ineligibility: FranSha’ Anderson Meets Amendment 95

FranSha' Anderson (aka Dametrice Burke) has at least two hot-check convictions that will be a problem for her LRSD candidacy.

French Hill Misleads About Obama to Cover for Trump

When you have to drop a disingenous "what about Obama" to justify something Trump did, you're on the wrong side.