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Arkansas Police Treat Protestors As The Enemy, While Defending Actual Anti-Police Group

Two vastly different reactions to protestors and a legitimately anti-police group.

The King and Why: Another LRSD Board Candidate’s Filings Raise Questions (UPDATED AGAIN)

The question is, can you just put any ol' address on your candidate filing forms, or does it actually have to be YOUR address?

Dan Whitfield, “Progressive” Racist for U.S. Senate

One thing Tom Cotton and Dan Whitfield have in common: A history of racist comments about President Obama.

“What Say You and I go Toe-to-Toe on Bird Law?” A Look At Dan Whitfield’s Recent Interview

Dan Whitfield used his Capitol View interview to spew lies and misleading statements rather than actually answering questions.

Life in the Time of COVID: Arkansas Teachers & Whistle Blower Protections

What protections AR teachers may have when reporting violations of rules and regulations about COVID-19.

One year later, DPA reporting is still a mess; FEC launches investigation

The party's reports are a mess, and we told you so--a year ago.