Monday, May 27, 2024

Mike Maggio Flips The Bird To Arkansas (Again).

You might have heard that Judge Mike Maggio — whose wholly awful use of a pseudonymous message board was detailed here yesterday — was going to make a statement today at 4pm.

Rumor was that he would withdraw from the race.  Which, you know, would be the type of thing that you would expect someone who wasn’t a terrible person to do.

Instead, moments ago, we received this:

maggio statement

…aaaaand, that’s it.

Well, sorta.  We also received this from Clint Reed, who is a partner at Impact Management, Maggio’s now-former campaign consultants:

Our firm will no longer be representing Judge Maggio moving forward. Any future press inquiries should be directed to Judge Maggio.

I have an inquiry in to the JDDC about whether Maggio is actually aware of a complaint.  Regardless, however, do not lose sight of how terrible of a person he continues to be by failing to address ANY of the actual allegations.  Even if he isn’t aware of a JDDC complaint, he is certainly aware of the stuff written here at at Arkansas Blog.  He chose to ignore that.

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