Tuesday, May 21, 2024

What A Tangled (World Wide) Web We Weave


The previous post about Judge Mike Maggio went up around 11:50 AM.

Some time before 12:22 PM, Max reached out to Maggio’s people for comment.

At 12:14 PM, over at TigerDroppings.com, this happened:

Maggio Edit 2

At 12:15 PM, this happened:

Maggio Edit 1

So…that’s a thing.


Also, thanks to commenter TheMacyLady, Ms. Theron’s attorneys have apparently been contacted and informed of all of this.  Which is pretty awesome hustle on Macy’s part.  Well done.


Also, this:

photo (1)

On top of which, the Judicial Discipline & Disability Commission is also on top of things:

The JDDC is aware of the allegations that were reported today. Under Rule 7C(3) I can confirm the pendency of an investigation by this agency. The judge will have full due process rights during our litigation of this matter. This office will not have further public statement until the case concludes with dismissal, agreed resolution or public charges.

David J. Sachar, Executive Director

I wonder if the JDDC is going to be pleased that he immediately tried to delete evidence.  I would guess not.


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