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The De-Regulation Bamboozle

If you were to ask your basic, stereotypical CEO crybaby, such as Jamie Dimon, what the biggest threat to freedom is, they would undoubtedly...

Econ 101: On Deficit Spending

As long as we're knee-deep in economic theory today, I thought I'd touch on something else that's been bouncing around the Blue Hog Hollowed-Out...

AR-Sec. State: Martin Gives Pink Slips 10 Days Before Christmas

From what we are hearing, twenty-two employees of the Secretary of State's office were told by incoming Grinch Secretary Mark Martin that their services...

Econ 101: “Compromise” And Other Euphemisms

First, three thoughts. 1. Let's be really, really clear about what the GOP were saying by demanding all-or-nothing on the extensions. Roughly translated, it was:...

AR-House Dist. 41: Garnering Dissent, Pt. 2 of 2

When it comes to Representative Ed Garner's proposal to remove the capital gains tax, the numbers are what they are, and we've covered them...

AR-House Dist. 41: Garnering Dissent, Pt. 1 of 2

While I have written at some length about the flaws inherent in a proposal to remove Arkansas's capital gains tax, that post was...