AR-Sec. State: Martin Gives Pink Slips 10 Days Before Christmas

From what we are hearing, twenty-two employees of the Secretary of State’s office were told by incoming Grinch Secretary Mark Martin that their services would not be needed come the new year.

UPDATE (8:45pm): I have not been able to confirm yet, but it seems that one of those fired today was Director of Special Programs Ann Clements.  Clements is a long-time state employee and was nine (9!) months away from retirement.


The others let go seem to consist mainly of lower- to mid-level Communications and Elections employees and, possibly, one attorney.



  1. With all that salary savings he can afford to wine and dine himself and then charge it to the state. After all, that is what he did as a legislator.

  2. To the victor goes the spoils, baby. He should have waited till Christmas Day. Ho Ho Ho suckers. Gotta stack his people in place after all. Ain’t that what it’s all about? Think of it this way, he gave Mrs. Clements an extra 9 months of retirement. That’s a pretty generous Christmas present.

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