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AR-Sen: Lincoln Twin Bill

Along with the ad Jeff mentioned earlier, Senator Blanche Lincoln released a second ad regarding her position on healthcare reform. /crickets //tumbleweeds ///random guy in the background...

In The Blogs: Tolbert Tackles Auto Issue

I was going to chime in a with few thoughts on the StateVehicleGate thing, but I see that Jason Tolbert absolutely nailed it. So...

BHR Wonders: Two’s Company; Three’s An Option?

A week ago, on the eve of the runoff elections, Jeff and I were discussing the possibility of a Robbie Wills victory and what...

Overheard At My Polling Location While Voting For Bill Halter

Election official #1: "I guess I won't see Tina today." Election official #2: "Who?" Election official #2: "Why, did she vote early?" Election official #1: "No...she voted...

AR-Primary Runoffs: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

And, by "rumble," I mean "vote for Bill Halter, Chad Causey (if you live in AR-01) or Joyce Elliot (in AR-02), L.J. Bryant, Pat...