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AR-Sen: White House Giving Lincoln The Silent Treatment?

The Huffington Post thinks so. The White House is still formally supporting Sen. Blanche Lincoln's re-election bid as the Arkansas Democratic primary approaches its...

AR-Sen: It’s Never A Good Sign When The Better Answer Is “Utter Incompetence”

Over the weekend, the Blue Arkansas gang did a tremendous job of following the debacle that is early voting in the runoff election in...

AR-Sen: A Quick Review Of Poll Methodology

I was perusing some of the other blogs when I noticed this statement from Blake in regard to the DK/R2K poll: Lt. Gov. Bill Halter...

AR-Sen: Halter With 4 Point Lead

New DK/R2K poll shows Halter with a 4 point lead (MOE 4%), which is coming dangerously close (for Lincoln) to becoming statistically significant. Democratic primary Blanche...

AR-Sen: Lincoln’s Final Ad

If Bill Halter's most recent ad was a second lesson in "it's not what you say, it's what people hear," Blanche Lincoln's new ad...

AR-Sen: Halter’s Final Ad

My apologies. We got so embroiled in the Land Commissioner email story that I forgot to post Bill Halter and Blanche Lincoln's final...