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AR Runoff News: I Was Told There Would Be No Math

Preferential Primary Early & Absentee Voting Totals As of June 1, 2010: 10,010 As of June 2, 2010:  23,439 Source.

AR-Sen: DK/R2K Poll Shows Halter With Narrow Lead

Daily Kos in conjunction with Research 2000 has released a new AR-Sen poll.  The long and short of it is that Bill Halter leads...

AR-Sen: Philander Smith as Prop?

That's the charge by Bill Halter, anyway. On the eve of former President Bill Clinton's planned return to Arkansas to boost Sen. Blanche Lincoln's...

AR-Sen: Halter “Inclined To Support” DADT Repeal

This accoring to Talk Business: Halter also indicated his support for a repeal of the policy. "I am inclined to support the...

AR-Sen: Halter’s Second Run-Off Ad

I subscribe 100% to the school of thought that says every communication in life "is not about what you say, but about what people...

AR-Sen: Lincoln Continues To Fight For You By Not Fighting For You

Yesterday, two nonbinding motions to instruct the conference committee on how to iron out the discrepancies between the House and Senate financial reform bills...