Tuesday, July 23, 2024

AR-Primary Runoffs: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

And, by “rumble,” I mean “vote for Bill Halter, Chad Causey (if you live in AR-01) or Joyce Elliot (in AR-02), L.J. Bryant, Pat O’Brien, and Scott Pace (Dist. 31).” “Rumble” was just more succinct.

Anyway, silliness aside, the polls open around Arkansas in just under ten (10) hours. Theoretically — you know, assuming Charles Tapp and his ilk don’t have a say in such things — your polling location will stay open from 7:30am to 7:30pm. If your polling place is not open and you have no idea where to go, or if you have any other difficulties with your attempt to vote, call (501) 372-9000 to report the problems.

My hope is that BHR will update throughout the day tomorrow with anything worth mentioning. If you see/hear something noteworthy, funny, ridiculous, or whatever, feel free to contact us and share. Email addresses are on the right.

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