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A Disturbance in the Force?

Maybe the Clinton-Sanders split isn't as big in Arkansas as we've been led to believe?

I Know What You Did Last Summer, Mark Martin

Why is Mark Martin skipping the Secretary of State debate today? Probably so he can stay in Prairie Grove and post on Facebook.

The Disgustingly Self-Serving Hypocrisy of Rep. Josh Miller

Rep. Josh Miller didn't just oppose the Private Option while receiving Medicaid himself. He opposed it while improving his own access to Medicaid in the future.

Mike Maggio Flips The Bird To Arkansas (Again).

Judge Mike Maggio makes a statement, confirms that he really is a terrible, clueless human being. But he still wants your vote, I guess?

Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Love

I write all of the following as legal counsel for Mr. Chad Watkins. None of the information in this post is privileged, of course....

12/6/13 Gallimaufry: Snow-Day Edition (UPDATED: 12/7/13)

Legislative Audit's Report on Mark Darr, Mark Martin's FOIA hearing, Mark Darr's Ethics hearing, and Chad Niell's huge waste of money. Good times!