Thursday, May 23, 2024

A Disturbance in the Force?

From Overtime Politics:

You might think that the state where Hillary Clinton’s husband was governor would be voting overwhelmingly in favor of the former Secretary of State. It does not appear that way, as she has a 5 point lead over Bernie Sanders, 47-42%. This absolutely has to be concerning for the Clinton campaign, which should be able to reliably count on most states in the South breaking her way significantly.

You could argue that the polling was done in a manner that is going to skew for Bernie (3:1 landline-cellphone ratio, no follow-up questions, etc.), but–at the very least–it shows a need for larger polls in this state before we just chalk the whole thing up as a Hillary shoo-in.

34 days to Iowa, y’all.

Meanwhile, Huckabee’s money is on Trump.  Gamblin’ is a sin, preacher.

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