“What You Do Speaks So Loudly, I Cannot Hear What You Say” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Let me just throw this out there from the start: I’ve gone back and forth on whether to post this story more than I have on any post I’ve ever written for BHR.  Given the personal nature of some of the information, it is certainly not something that I approach lightly.  I generally try to avoid stepping off entirely into personal-life stuff, and this post does not change that general stance.  More importantly, nothing in here is intended as minimizing the personal impact of anyone’s decisions.

Ultimately, however, the documentation is here, and I think the voters of District 76 and the people of Arkansas — regardless of their personal stance on abortion — deserve to see the rampant hypocrisy in order to cast the most informed ballot possible.


Which leads us to District 76 candidate Bobby Altes.[foot]Yes, he is the son of current Rep. Denny Altes.[/foot]

If you go to Altes’ website and click on “What I Believe,” you will see, among other things, this:

I am fiercely pro-life, pro-family, pro-business, and I am ultra-conservative. I believe that we have God-given rights to defend our families, raise our children as we want, and keep as much of our hard earned money as possible. I believe in the sanctity of human life from conception.

Seems . . . standard, I suppose.  Right above that, he even says:

That’s offensive and far outside the business of the federal government, especially when they demand that we support some programs, like abortion, that many of us have strong feelings against.

Bobby Altes is staunchly anti-abortion; I think we can all agree on that.  If we take him at face value, that is.  Which we shouldn’t.

Bobby Altes married a woman named Kimberly on July 27, 2012, in South Padre Island, TX.  In August of 2012, Kimberly learned she was pregnant.  Rather than have the baby, Altes sent Kimberly to an abortion clinic in Tulsa, where he had use her maiden name to obtain an abortion.

By April 13, 2013, Altes had left Kimberly, and, on May 13, 2013, he sued her for divorce, citing “general and personal indignities” that she had apparently subjected him to.

Ah, but maybe this was Bobby Altes’ only failure to walk his professed walk, right?  In a word: no.

In 1999, Altes married a woman named Allison.  They had two children — one in 2000, one in 2002.  On July 30, 2004, Allison Altes went to the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Department to file a complaint against Bobby for domestic battery.  The officer taking the complaint detailed Allison’s statement:

Mrs ALTES came to the sheriffs dept and stated that her husband Robert had become increasingly violent toward her. She stated that he has been pushing her to the floor, once while she was pregnant and has left numerous bruises. She stated that the last incident happened Monday 7-26-04 when he came home and became angry because she had a box fan going.

On November 20, 2004, Allison and Altes separated, and she filed for divorce two days later, citing general indignities. [foot]Because Arkansas does not have a true no-fault divorce in the sense that many states do, “general indignities” has become a farcical catch-all for divorces when parties do not want to air their dirty laundry in a public record, but want to be divorced in fewer than 18 months.[/foot]  Altes’s reaction?  To lock Allison — his wife and the mother of his children — out of the house, forcing her to file an emergency petition for spousal and child support during the divorce, which the court set at $225/month and $550/month, respectively.

After a brief-but-failed reconciliation in 2005, the couple split up for good on July 20, 2006, when Altes was charged with third-degree domestic battery.

Divorce was ultimately granted by the court on November 1, 2006, and Altes was ordered to pay $100/week in child support.  Despite Altes’s self-professed successes in business, paying this $100/week apparently proved problematic; by August of 2007, Allison had to file a motion for contempt in an effort to have Altes pay child support and to get the court to increase the amount based on Altes’s increased income post-divorce.  (Of note, at least in terms of getting the whole picture of Bobby Altes: it was during this same time period that Altes was also charged with Aggravated Assault when he pulled a .357 on an employee who was trying to collect his final paycheck.)

Fast forward just a bit, to some time around May or June of 2010, when Altes began a sexual relationship with a woman named Kristen.  In February 2011, Kristen gave birth to a son and listed Bobby Altes as the putative father.  When Altes failed to provide support for this child, Kristen filed a petition on September 16, 2011, with the Office of Child Support Enforcement.  An order establishing paternity and requiring Bobby to pay $151/week in support was entered on March 14, 2012.

Now, if you were paying attention at the start of this post, you might have just thought, “March 14, 2012 . . . isn’t that less than five months before he married the woman in Texas?”  Yes, it was.

Which also means that Bobby Altes impregnated two different women between May/June 2010 and July/August 2012; he had to be sued to acknowledge paternity of one, and he had his wife abort the other, then divorced her shortly thereafter.  And, of course, the woman who gave birth to his first two children made allegations of battery against him twice, then had to sue to get him to consistently pay even $100/week in child support. 

Having read all of this, you should skim back through what Altes professes to believe, then try to figure out how he can say with a straight face that he’s “pro-family” or “pro-life.”  It’s one thing to waffle on something minor.  It’s another for a candidate’s action to eviscerate the very principles he claims to hold most dear.



  1. Thanks for posting. These people represent us.

    He´s a liar, a bully, a hypocrite, he hates women, hates children and seems to be out of touch with what is considered normal behavior.

    We have enough of those in politics.

  2. It’s easy to spot the “sleazy politics”; this isn’t journalism. Having majored in journalism in college it’s sickening to see these old dried attempts at influencing an election. I know from personal experience that Pitsch is a puppet and those who hold his strings will stop at NOTHING to see their boy in office where he will do the bidding of the puppetmaster and cronies, NOT the will of the people. It’s disheartened us to see him sneak the “Republican” title and money. Vote your conscience! VOTE!

    • I’m curious as to the motivations of your comment, rise up. You fail to address or nullify any of the parent post itself or make any particular point whatsoever aside from blaming Pitsch because something something. I’ve got a couple questions for you.

      Are you insinuating Pitsch had something to do with this post, perhaps by forcing BHR to create it? Or by providing source material? If you are accusing Pitsch and BHR of something nefarious, it’d be great if you could be more overt in your accusation.

      Secondly, are you totally cool with Altes’ behavior? Pointing out hypocrisy is a powerful journalistic tool, something you probably should’ve learned in Journalism 101. Your response seems to have overlooked this aspect. Accidentally, I’m sure.

      • In journalism 101 you should learn responsible reporting which is reporting BOTH sides of an event or political matter. Reporting one side is being bias and slanted, it’s unethical and not responsible reporting. If you fully research these allegations against Altes you would find that charges were actually dropped and he was never prosecuted for any crimes. This story is only giving you the information they want you to see, not the full story or even the truth.

      • Mat Pitsch has victimized many in his pursuit for power, from his days at McCourt Manufacturing (where after being fired for poor performance he sued the McCourt family, causing, many believe, the death of owner Charles. After only a short stint at Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce he was let go for doing little but taking credit for mother’s work and diminishing morale. I know him to be a liar willing to do anything for power, he and his cronies and lawyers conveniently remaining in the shadows, and if elected (may God forbid) he will have ethics complaints within the week of swearing in. As to Mr. Altes, I was raised to know that there are two sides to every story and a false balance is an abomination and morally wrong; I can’t speak to anything about his past beyond that admonishment. I find the timed release and lack of balance of this story repugnant to any sense of journalistic integrity. Where is the research into Mr. Altes’ opponent, Mat Pitsch?? Why not look into his past, his claims, and ability?

        • Ah, I understand now.

          Apparently, you think journalism should be: “Democrats Believe Earth is Round; Some Republicans Disagree.” That’s presenting both sides, right? The problem is, like when Bill Nye debated Ken Ham, once you give credibility to something that deserves none, ignorance will ultimately prevail.

          Sure, Matt could’ve reached out to Altes for comment, but what good would that do? Receive the same trivialities that Altes is spewing?

          Would Matt just have to sit on the post if Altes doesn’t respond? What if there are seven candidates running for the seat? Is Matt supposed to dig up dirt on each and every one before he can post anything (after their comments, of course)?

          Journalism is investigating and reporting events in an unbiased nature. This does not include making false equivalencies because your favorite candidate turned out to be a horrible human being.

          Finally, I’m sure Matt would be delighted to do a post on Pitsch. There are several easy ways to contact him if you have helpful information in this pursuit.

          • Funny you should mention this as I had already wondered if someone might not have given the BHR a ‘heads up’ on the Altes situation. We have a group of people that are very active at getting things (preferably everything) to somehow go their way.

    • I note you don’t refute any of the facts in the case only point to how sleazy is this person Pitsch. Of course Pitsch is sleazy, he’s a Republican and all Repukes are sleazy, just like Altes and his old man.

      But seems to me Altes is the sleaziest of the three. If he doesn’t win the election I’m betting we see him heading off to rehab in the near future. Hey Bobby, find a video of Ted Haggard, his performance was the BEST!

  3. As someone not named in this story but that already knew all this, what he said was true. Period. Good job digging all this out.

  4. It occurred to me last night: “the blue hog”, blue as in blue state. Once I realized this imagine our lack of surprise that such a rag would attack those most deemed a threat. Pitsch is your man and you will do everything sleazy to make sure he gets what y’all want. All we see in the story is a lot of drawn conjecture, half truths, and speculation from parts of reality that suits the agenda behind such stories. Despicable in its subject and made doubly so by typical politics and hag style abuse of a soap box. No, any information we hold about Pitsch will be disclosed to an ethics committee should, God forbid, he get elected; the victim families have been harassed enough by cronies, such as thebluehog, and lawyers and choose not to be harmed further until necessary for justice.

    • Let me see if I’ve got this right. Your journamalism background finally (and surprisingly) figured out this is a dirty liberal blog. Then, somehow someway, you’re convinced Matt (a liberal) is a shill for an insane tea party whack job (not liberal).

      Thank you for this deep and terrifyingly disturbing look into the mind of a modern day conservative. At this point, I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned Benghazi.

      Give your brother a kiss from me. No, wait, we don’t know where he’s been, and you don’t deserve some funky disease.

  5. Wish I could give my brother a kiss. No, I’m new to this whole politics thing and only am in it to stand opposed to someone trying to sneak and trick his way into a very sacred and trusted position and has harmed my family in the process. His name is Mat Pitsch and we put nothing past him, his cronies, and his team of lawyers funding him, which is why I use a pseudonym.

  6. 1) Matt Campbell, why would you hesitate to post this article? You mention avoiding reporting on personal lives, however, no expectation of privacy exists when running for office and espousing personal stances on matters such as abortion. That Altes states he is pro-life but privately seeks abortions is about as public as it gets.

    2) ‘Rise up’ = troll. Give credibility to a troll, and ignorance will ultimately prevail.

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