Monday, May 27, 2024

Princella Smith (Allegedly) Has No Need For Your Silly Traffic Laws

Princella Smith has worn many hats over the last year.  First she tried (and failed) to win the GOP nomination in AR-1, despite getting an endorsement from the Newt Who Would Be King President.  More recently, she has been the Director of Education in Secretary of State Mark Martin’s office.

Today, she added another label: Placed under arrest in Cross County.

According to the Cross County Sheriff’s website, Ms. Smith was booked at the station earlier today at 12:36pm on charges of driving without proof of insurance, driving without a state-issued license, and driving with a suspended or revoked license.  She was released at 1:02 pm.

No word on whether she was driving a state-issued car, though I would not entirely bet against it, just based on who her boss is.  (Seriously, if allegedly ignoring the law were a disease, the Secretary of State’s office would be quarantined due to pandemic outbreak.)

(h/t dave)

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