Monday, April 15, 2024

Ides of March Gallimaufry

When the soothsayer told Julius Caesar to “beware the ides of March,” she wasn’t talking about him getting stabbed fiftyleven times.  Your English teacher lied to you.  The soothsayer was cautioning Caesar and anyone else who would listen that some blogger would go all mid-day-link-dumpy on you in lieu of writing a real post.  Et tu, Campbell?!

A Kansas lawmaker has solved the illegal immigration problem: shoot them like feral hogs. I see how this could be in keeping with his Second Amendment position, but it does sort of undermine his pro-life stance, no?

E.J. Dionne tackles the idea that America is “broke.” We aren’t. All free-market indicators fly in the face of the “we’re broke” chant, yet Republicans keep saying it. I thought they worshiped the free market? (What’s that? They only crow about it when it suits them, much like they do with science? AH, I see. Carry on.)

John Brummett expands on a point I made a while back: the “conservative” lawmakers are sure proposing a bunch of big government bills. “Republicanism was useful when it was of the New England variety, about efficiency, restraint, civil rights and separation of church and state. What ruined it was the cynical and purely exploitative Southernizing and religionizing of it by Nixon and then Reagan, which gave rise to this modern version, the yahoo busybody.”

The fight in Wisconsin ain’t over. The Unions will see your removal of collective bargaining, and they will raise you removal of one billion from WI banks.

Ain’t no mountain high enough. Content partner and television celebrity Jason Tolbert breaks down the list of stuff still to be completed by April 1 if the legislature plans to end on time.

Paul Krugman on the economics of the nuclear meltdown. The long-and-short of it is, yes, the meltdown is a big deal, but not in terms of what it will do to interest rates.


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