Monday, April 15, 2024

A Brief Aside

[I feel like I should state up front that no one at LobbyUp or Phillips Management asked me to write the following.  This is entirely based on my own positive experience with the product.  –M]

Early last month, I answered a trivia question on Twitter and was lucky enough to be rewarded with a subscription to LobbyUp.  I say “lucky” because I had no idea I would use it as much as I have;  the guys at Phillips Management and Consulting Service have created a fantastic product.

I mention this because LobbyUp has just rolled out the coolest feature yet: a one-stop page that gives you a pdf of the bill, a detailed sponsors list with their Twitter and Facebook links, and a Facebook comment app.  (See here for an example.)  Best of all, this feature is completely free to the public.  Because the LobbyUp bill pages are so comprehensive, I am going to link to them in future legislative preview posts rather than link each legislator and each bill separately.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled snark, already in progress.

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