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Arkansas Election Line: Looking Ahead

With the legislative session finished, Congressional redistricting done (sans Finger), and only state legislative redistricting and whatever drama it brings still on the table,...

We’re Gettin’ The Band Back Together!

And, by "band," I mean "Arkansas Election Line." Content partner and King Of All Media Roby Brock had me and Jason Tolbert on Talk Business...

Talk Business: “Fireworks” Likely In Redistricting Debate

With Arkansas's 2010 Census data in, the process of redrawing Arkansas's state and federal congressional districts is soon to begin.  Content partner Roby Brock...

BHR’s Response to Paul Ryan’s Response to the SOTU address

Prior to tonight's SOTU address, content partner and general instigator Roby Brock challenged me and Jason Tolbert.  I was to find three positive things...

End of Week Miscellany

"I thought you had the day off yesterday." "I did!  I went in to pick up my check, came home, my supervisor called me about...

AR-State House: Republicans Heavy On Two Committees

Per Roby Brock: Republicans picked up big numbers in the House Transportation and House Revenue and Tax committees.  The GOP garnered 11 members on...