Thursday, May 23, 2024

BHR’s Response to Paul Ryan’s Response to the SOTU address

Prior to tonight’s SOTU address, content partner and general instigator Roby Brock challenged me and Jason Tolbert.  I was to find three positive things about Rep. Paul Ryan’s response, and Tolbert was to find three positives about President Obama’s speech.

I have to admit, this was WAY harder than I anticipated.  That said, here we go!

1. Paul Ryan is exceedingly fit.  He also has a perfectly straight part to his hair and is wearing a very nice tie.  These three things seem to overcome his ridiculously bloodshot eyes and lopsided (and bizarre) ears, which is a great and wonderful thing for him.

2. Ryan had the courage to challenge voters to hold both parties accountable when it comes to cutting spending.  Based on what the Republicans have done so far, that is amazingly bold, so I salute him for that.

3. Despite being amazingly and mind-blowingly wrong on so many points, Ryan still came across as infinitely more reasonable and sane than Michele Bachmann.  Wow, is that one crazy woman.  BUT SHE DOES HAVE SLIDESHOWS, AND YOU WILL RESPECT THOSE!

Bonus: Ryan also somehow shoehorned an anti-abortion position into his “limited government” spiel.  That’s both impressive AND impressively ridiculous.  Well played, Mr. Ryan!

Bonus #2: Speaking of Bachmann, can someone please explain to me how medical malpractice reform, which is government regulation of a pure jury system, represents a “free market solution” to a problem?

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