Saturday, April 13, 2024

AR-State House: Republicans Heavy On Two Committees

Per Roby Brock:

Republicans picked up big numbers in the House Transportation and House Revenue and Tax committees.  The GOP garnered 11 members on Transportation and 12 members on the 20-member Tax committee.

Those developments present a scenario for contentious debates on highway funding and state tax policy between legislators, the Beebe administration and the Arkansas Highway Commission.

Also from that article, Rep. Kathy Webb (D-37) was named chair of the Joint Budget Committee, of which she previously served as vice-chair.  At the risk of sounding Republican, I like having a small business owner heading up the budget committee.

Update: For more complete coverage of 88th GA committee assignments, check out Jason Tolbert’s Twitter feed or search Twitter for hashtag #ArkLedge.

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