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Dan Whitfield Is Ready For His Close Up; His Expenditure Reports Are Not

Why would a campaign on life support spend nearly $6000 on video equipment from August 1 to now?

Ethics Commission To Investigate Leslie Rutledge for PAC Contribution

The Ethics Commission will investigate whether Leslie Rutledge violated the law by accepting a contribution from an unapproved PAC.

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Leslie Rutledge for Illegal Campaign Contribution from Organization She Chairs

Republican Attorneys General Association Arkansas PAC gave Leslie Rutledge, who chairs RAGA, $2700. There was just one problem with that.

The Rut Marches On, Rolls Over Hutchinson in Upset

In a game between two soulless special-interest GOP sellouts, it was Leslie Rutledge's willingness to sell out the biggest, the fastest, that prevailed over Asa Hutchinson.

How to Help the Planet and Irritate Leslie Rutledge in a Single Step

You are cordially invited to a Sierra Club fundraiser at LR Urban Farming.

When Push Comes To Shove, Milligan & Rutledge Quick To Lie

When pressed on their trip to Iowa for Huckabee, the AG and Treasurer said they'd taken leave. This was a lie. Let's discuss.