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How to Help the Planet and Irritate Leslie Rutledge in a Single Step

If there’s one person/entity that Attorney General Leslie Rutledge hates more than me/BHR, it might be Glen Hooks and the Sierra Club. This is because Glen, villain that he is, thinks that things like cutting back emissions are more important than placating coal-mine owners in West Virginia. He also says meany-head things like:

Attorney General Rutledge begins her second year in office the same way she spent her first year: standing with dirty polluters against common-sense clean air protections. The proposed MATS standard is aimed at reducing some of the most harmful pollutants—including dangerous mercury, a known neurotoxin that threatens children and women of childbearing age. Protecting Arkansans from mercury pollution should be an issue that the Sierra Club and our Attorney General agree upon. Sadly, Rutledge has chosen once again to align herself with the polluters instead of the people.

People shouldn’t be exposed to a lot of mercury? The hell you say! He’s a crazy guy, that Hooks fella.

Just for a second, though, let’s pretend like he’s not public enemy number one and that you, like Glen, think that protecting the environment is more important than kissing up to polluters. In that scenario, you might be thinking, “man…I wish there was some way I could meet up with some likeminded folk at an awesome urban farm, have a beer and some good food, and help the Sierra Club, all at the same time.”

Well, good news, hypothetical person! Tonight, you are cordially invited to LR Urban Farming for the Sierra Club “FARMraiser”!

The event runs from 5:30-8:00 at LR Urban Farming, which is tucked away on a dead-end at 5910 G Street in Hillcrest (because of course it’s in Hillcrest). Suggested donation is $25, and I will give an extra $5 for each person who shows up, references this post, and tells me that they donated. Food and drinks have been provided by Taqueria El Palenque and Lost Forty, respectively.

There are few things you can do that will irritate Leslie Rutledge more than vocally and financially supporting the Sierra Club.1 Beyond that, though, the weather is great today, and the food and drinks will be top notch. What more can you ask from a charity fundraiser?

What: LR Urban Farming / Sierra Club “FARMraiser”

When: March 29, 2016, from 5:30 to 8:00pm

Where: 5910 G St., Little Rock, AR 72205

Suggested donation: $25.

  1. Other than making underwear slingshots illegal, of course.

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