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Arkansas Politics #MeToo Experiences

Have you had a #MeToo experience in Arkansas Politics?

The recent coverage of sexual harassment scandals in politics has been dominated by the national-level stories about men like Donald Trump, Al Franken, Roy Moore, Blake Farenthold, and Trent Franks. But as the stories out of the California legislature have shown, unwanted sexual advances from elected officials is an issue at the state and local levels as well.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time around politics in Arkansas to hear rumors of this kind of behavior, either. There are tales of handsy representatives, aggressive consultants, creepy chiefs of staff… The list goes on and on.

It is time that the victims of harassment in Arkansas be heard, too. We want to help facilitate that. You can use the contact form below to share your story, and you can even do so anonymously if you prefer.

Some important things to note and/or to hopefully answer any questions you might have:

Is it really anonymous? Yes. The contact form sends the info to “” from “,” with an IP address from BHR’s webhost, so we receive only the information about you that you wish to provide.

That said, with stories of this nature, it is likely that we will need to vet them before we can do anything with the information, so you might want to include a valid email address or phone number just in case we need to follow up. But that’s completely up to you.

What are you going to do with the information? That depends on what information is received and what you are comfortable with us sharing. At a bare minimum, we hope to be able to put together a broad survey of results that will show how widespread the problem is in Arkansas.

What kind of documents are you looking for? Anything that you think might be relevant. The upload function below allows files up to 5MB; however, if you have something larger (a recording or a video, for example), just contact us through the form, and we will provide a link for you to upload the larger files.

Why are you doing this? Because it needs to be done. Arkansas has lived for too long under a kind of “go along to get along” mentality, where victims of harassment are expected to just stay quiet about it for the “good of the party” or whatever.

Is this a partisan issue? It could not be less of a partisan issue. We are not asking just for stories about people in one party; whether the harasser is a Democrat, a Republican, a non-partisan office holder, or something else entirely, we want to hear your story.

Are you only interested in legislators and state-wide officials? No. This is about everyone at every level of Arkansas politics, from local city councils on up.

How do I know you will keep everything confidential? Look back over the history of Blue Hog Report and you won’t see a single instance of us burning a source or divulging something told to us in confidence.

Share your story:

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