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AR-Sen: Lincoln Twin Bill

Along with the ad Jeff mentioned earlier, Senator Blanche Lincoln released a second ad regarding her position on healthcare reform. /crickets //tumbleweeds ///random guy in the background...

HCR, etc.: If I Am Elected, I Will Bring The Dodo Back From Extinction

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo looks at what won't happen even if the Democrats lose the House in November. The Democrats passed Health Care...

HCR: File Under “Not Shocking”

U.S. District Court Judge Henry Hudson denied the U.S. Justice Department's motion to dismiss under F.R.C.P. 12(b)(6) today, ruling that the complex constitutional issues...

HCR: Popularity Movin’ On Up, No Word On Deluxe Apartment In Sky

According to Kaiser's Health Tracking Poll: The July Health Tracking Poll indicates overall public support for the health reform law is steady from June,...

HCR: Dumas Spells Out AR Benefits

A funny thing happened on the way to the ultimate destruction of Arkansas that Timmy! Griffin, et al., predicted from the health care reform...

HCR: Reform Bill To Tax Wounded Veterans For Prosthetics? Not Really.

If you follow GOP talking points at all, you might have heard that the healthcare reform bill is imposing a tax on users of...