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Econ 101: On Deficit Spending

As long as we're knee-deep in economic theory today, I thought I'd touch on something else that's been bouncing around the Blue Hog Hollowed-Out...

Econ 101: “Compromise” And Other Euphemisms

First, three thoughts. 1. Let's be really, really clear about what the GOP were saying by demanding all-or-nothing on the extensions. Roughly translated, it was:...

Preview: Week of 11/7/10

My hope is to put up a weekly preview on Sunday or Monday as a tentative roadmap/teaser.  Will I do it consistently?  Who knows. ...

AR-02: Greenberg Hearts Timmy!

Considering that Paul Greenberg has been Timmy! Griffin’s most consistent fluffer for months now, it was not the least bit surprising to see that...

AR-House 46: Left-to-right, top-to-bottom, take Tylenol for any headaches, Midol for any cramps

I thought that I was done talking about David Meeks and the constant stream of misinformed ignorance that he spews on Twitter.  I mean,...

AR-Sen: The New Odd Couple — John Boozman And Reality As Felix And Oscar

John Boozman is on Twitter. I know this because I follow him (because I am waiting for him to explain what he actually stands for,...