Ethics Commission Opens Investigation Into Leslie Rutledge

I received a letter today from the Arkansas Ethics Commission regarding the ethics complaint that I filed against Republican Attorney General candidate Leslie Rutledge a few weeks ago.  The three pages of the letter are below.

The most important part, however, is right there on page 1 (emphasis mine):

This letter serves to confirm receipt of your citizen complaint against Leslie Rutledge.  That complaint was brought against Ms. Rutledge in her capacity as a candidate for Arkansas Attorney General during the 2014 election cycle.

It has been determined that said complaint meets the requirements set forth in subparagraph A(3) of Section V of the Ethics Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure.  Accordingly, an investigation is being commenced.

You might recall that this complaint stems from Rutledge’s coordination with a non-approved political action committee, Republican Attorneys General Association, in the creation of a campaign ad.


“But, wait,” you may be saying out loud if you are a person who talks to his or her computer.  “Didn’t Leslie Rutledge declare that this coordination was legal based on an Ethics Commission opinion?”

Yes, hypothetical person, she did.  But, yet again, it would appear that Ms. Rutledge’s legal analysis was somewhat lacking in the “knows what she’s talking about” department.  Good thing she’s not running for an important legal posit–


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  1. I hope I’m wrong, but this state is going republican regardless of the quality of the candidate and I believe she will win.

  2. Vote, vote, vote. Tell your friends and family. Post about it-her ineptitude, not just her penchant for teenaged hotties. Explain why she’s unqualified-I’m speaking directly to my attorney friends on this thread here. My friends and family ask my opinion about this race and I tell them firmly why it’s important and why she can’t win. I hope y’all are doing the same.

  3. She is scary!!!! I wonder if Huckabee thinks she can control her libido? Between cotton and this pistol packin moma – I think I’m moving to another state.

  4. BlueHogReport TBArkansas KATVLilley MarineKATV MattMershonKATV Interestingly, here in her home county(very GOP) she has 2 signs up

  5. She’s extremely scary. It’s ridiculous that all the GOPs may win bc people despise our president. I voted for him twice. I’m not thrilled with the ACA but id rather be a Christian democrat than a hypocritical GOP like some of them seem to be. Not all but some

  6. for those who didn’t read the complaint, she received a $300,000 donation when the limit is $2000 – guilty! She doesn’t know the law.

  7. The chair of the commission was appointed by Mark Darr. Sharon Trusty was a Republican State Senator and was appointed to the commission by a Republican.

  8. Most likely a RINO no doubt besides you and I both know it’s purely political and has no basis in reality.

  9. And just think. I have already early voted and did not have access to this information. It might have made a difference in my vote.

  10. It is a shame there is not a functioning group that would investigate the president ray’s nest. Is there anyone that is surprised that Democrats in Arkansas would resort to this to help Nate? I am not.

  11. Here in Louisiana we have it no better. Bobby Jindal is awful, as well as most state congressmen. We do have Mary Landrieu. She is a big positive. Keeping Mary in Washington is critical.

  12. She is totally not competent and she has no qualifications in her resume to be the attorney general of this state.Nate Steel is a fine lawyer and a good person. Nate will make Arkansas proud. She will be an embarrassment.

  13. Leslie surely has the convoluted logic skills to paint the Ethics Committee Investigation as supporting her actions at DHS. She views the election as one big party towards , ahem, flexible interpretation of Arkansas Law. If elected, I can see the state paying for multitudes of lawyers fees challenging mistaken interpretation and implementation of law.

  14. Having seen Leslie speak on several occasions, two times to a room full of attorneys and judges during which she stammered, misquoted the law and failed to put together one coherent sentence (let alone answer a question about how she felt the AG’s office should run), I can assure you I couldn’t care less about party affiliation. She’s incompetent. Attorneys are expected to, oh I don’t know, speak in public and have a passing familiarity with the law. She can do neither. Voting for her just because she has an R after her name would be an enormous mistake. Qualifications matter, especially when you’re hiring an attorney.

  15. C’mon Brady….
    Aren’t the paid media hatchet jobs on Leslie enough for Ya ?
    Miss you in Sunday School…..

  16. Chuck did it ever even begin to occur to you that this ethics complaint is about a CAMPAIGN AD?

    It “popped up right around election time”……DUH! 


  17. I’m a Christian, conservative, gun carrying, mother of 5, and an attorney and I wouldn’t vote for that Fn nut if she were the only person running! I do like Obama care because 80% of premiums must go yo actual health care, there are no pre-existing conditions and I can keep each child on insurance until each turns 21.

  18. Dammit Dorcy, what the hell is wrong with you?!  Using intelligence and applying it to actual FACTS is not fair!  You are supposed to simply mindlessly succumb to the “obama obama OBAMA!!!” mantra.

  19. It’s amazing how terrified republicans are that they have to go on a LW site to tell democrats how terrified they are.  NOBODY, I repeat, NOBODY, is scared the Rutledge might win.  Thanks for playing!

  20. Don’t confuse them with facts that fly in the face of their obvious trolling and misinformation.

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