Saturday, April 13, 2024

SD-21: Primary Postmortem

Raw Numbers.

Radius Baker: 1,083 (44.79%)
Steve Rockwell: 956 (39.54%)
Ray Kidd: 207
Gene Roebuck: 207

John Cooper: 1,175 (36.15%)
Dan Sullivan: 1,172 (36.06%)
Chad Niell: 902

Math Fun: Cost per Vote.

Baker: $10.88
Rockwell: $37.28
Kidd: $28.00
Roebuck: $31.34

Cooper: $15.75
Sullivan: $31.75
Niell: $99.26

Internet Flashback Fun.


  • Yesterday’s turnout strongly suggests that, barring something game-changing, the Democrat (whether it is Rockwell or Baker) is in serious trouble.  796 more votes for Republicans than Democrats, with the general election set for Tuesday, January 14, 2014, when Arkansas State students don’t even return to campus until January 18?  Yeah…that’s a problem.
  • No, seriously: $99.26 per vote.  Plus, between his $115,000 loan to his campaign and the $21,000 fine that likely wouldn’t have happened had he not run, Chad Niell’s has to be one of the more expensive senate-race failures in Arkansas history.  Now I’m just waiting for Keith Emis to claim that there are “several errors” in this post as well.

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