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Our Struggles Continue: Worst Letters to the Democrat-Gazette



By: A.J. Hanson (North Little Rock)

Date: September 29, 2013

I believe the president was 100% correct when he made the statement in his Navy Yard memorial speech that “it ought to be a shock to all of us as a nation and as a people.  It ought to obsess us.  It ought to lead to some sort of transformation.”

And that transformation should be a complete change in his lack of leadership and accountability.  I believe what happens now is his fault, not that of someone who went before him.  Things should have been updated on his watch so that similar events did not happen again, but they were not.  People should have been fired.  They were not.

As we all now know, President Obama was scheduled to fire the perpetrator just days before the murders occurred.  His recklessness in avoiding this tough call has virtually etched his fingerprints on the weapons.  Liberals are playing the “let’s blame Bush” game, and while it may seem as if they have a valid argument – the killer was a former Navy petty officer stationed in Texas, which is the former president’s home state – this is just a ploy to distract us from the REAL issues.

All he seems to want to talk about is gun control when that is not the problem.  I believe that if the security company had done its job, Arron Alexis’ clearance would have been pulled; if the guards had done their job that morning and searched his bag, he would not have been able to carry in a shotgun.

While we still aren’t certain as to the extent of the communications between the White House and the security company, it is indisputable that Obama’s rhetoric on gun control was mere political flack generated to provide cover for this nefarious collusion.  A review of the administration’s inner circle’s emails and scheduled events will likely turn up many more connections.  According to one congressional staffer, the investigations “are unofficially underway as we speak.”

The people are telling Barack Obama the transformation they want.  If he will listen, I think he will hear that they don’t want Obamacare and they want to keep the Second Amendment, as it is the amendment that secures the foundation of our nation.

Thankfully, the president’ efforts to overturn the Second Amendment are currently stalled in the U.S. Senate.  Although Democrats do hold a majority in that body, some Democratic senators who hail from red states have waffled amid pressure from the newly-formed “Keep the Second Amendment First” caucus.  This group of lawmakers are advancing an amendment to the Constitution which would change the numerical order of the first two amendments.  Said one insider, “We want to put the Second Amendment first, because it’s the most important.  But if the First Amendment becomes the Second, it..it may muddle the message we are trying to send.” Naturally, this amendment will also include language to outlaw Obamacare and create a permanent tax credit for gun purchases.

As a supposed expert on the Constitution, he must be well aware of that.  Is that why he seems so determined to excise it?  Does he wish us to be like Asia, the Middle East?  Does he wish to rule by executive order?

The Obama Administration’s executive order creating Obamacare was a sign that things were going to be this way under this president.  We believe that the only reason he has not issued the executive order repealing the Second Amendment is, perhaps counterintuitively, due to a geopolitical quagmire – the Asia/Middle East region is aware of Obama’s desire to emulate their ways, but even they cannot quite articulate a unified policy on weaponry.


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