Thursday, May 23, 2024

Operation Chaos: Donald J. Trump Edition

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Citizens United v. FEC determined that cash is a vehicle of free speech within our borders.  Donald J. Trump is presumably armed with 10 times the cash on hand that Jeb! E. Bush currently has available.  Modern political metrics such as burn rate and polling data should be demoted to a second-tier analytic now that there is a truncated primary calendar, a greatly expanded field of candidates, and a debate schedule predetermined by Fox News.

It all means that the Republican nominee will, in all likelihood, not win 50.01% of the open delegates within the year (the Republican Convention will be held 7/18/16 – 7/21/16 in Cleveland, OH; Romney barely secured 50% plus 1 against a weaker field in May of 2012) and that Republican nominee will enter the general election in a weakened position prior to November 8th, 2016 (and many Americans will cast ballots several weeks before that date).

A White House election loss for Republicans (losing 6 of 7 popular votes in the last 24 years–truly a generation’s worth of elections–and 3 of the last 4 general presidential elections) would drive the Republican Party into a “Conserva-RINO” Clintonesque phase of existence.

Dear Governor Huckabee:  Do not let this happen.  The Arkansas Reagan-Rockefeller Dinner Keynote Speech is your event, in your home state.  Demand that Trump’s antics be repudiated by a somber, lifelong-dedicated member of the Republican Party who has weathered the Clinton machine and emerged smelling lovely.

In addition, according to my inside sources, there are scores of County Clerks who just met in DeGray Lake, AR, who are desperate to join your campaign against the black-robed unelected Catholics and Jews who dare to sit as arbiters of our Constitution and suppose to impose a same-sex marriage decree upon our fair state.  Please articulate how we should move forward on this position, and march together to upend such a travesty of justice.

The Arkansas Reagan-Rockefeller Dinner may be the last bulwark between a Democratic plant like Trump and a tried-and-true conservative like Gov. Huckabee.  If Huckabee fails miserably in the dreaded “SEC” primary, it could be the difference between Huckabee’s future cabinet position, or four more years of guided tours in the Holy Land.  Please, Governor, do not allow a lack of effort in these final days to erode the years of support you have accumulated.  It’s the final countdown.  You’ve passed the point of no return.  Once the facade of Trump has been removed, his BILLIONS will flow directly into your coffers as you consolidate the base, and achieve your ultimate goal of decimating the Clintons come election day in November, 2016.

Don’t stop believing.  Hold onto that feeling.






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