Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Republicans, Rampant Hypocrisy, and Women

Finding Republican hypocrisy, especially from the Teabagger crowd, is like shooting dead fish in a barrel. (By the way, whatever happened to the intelligent Republicans*?  They used to exist.  Heck, I used to want to BE one.)

Want some examples?  Sure, I’m more than happy to oblige.

Example #1: Pro-Life/Drop peace bombs and fill everybody with a chestful of democracy.  You could also add the love of the death penalty in there.

Example #2: We must do something about the deficit./Tax cuts for the rich!

Example #3: We love the Constitution./Please remove the 1st, 4th, 5th, 14th amendments, etc. 

Example #4: Obama’s going to take away our rights (guns, health care, it’s just been a recurring theme)/We own your uterus (women’s rights really are just a joke to them).

But, you see, it’s example #4 that’s the most blatant in my eyes.  You can find some alleged right-wing pundit who actually believes that cutting taxes on the rich lowers the deficit (Douglas Holtz-Eakin, I’m looking at you).  But Republicans like Andy Mayberry are actively trying to take away women’s rights, and it’s a growing trend.

For example, Chris Smith (R-1544AD) has introduced his Rapist Protection Act of 2011, which would drastically narrow the definitions of rape, thereby limiting the ability of women who were raped to get an abortion.  In Texas, Teabagger favorite and government stimulus fan-boy Rick Perry has declared a sonogram bill to be emergency legislation, that $27 billion budget shortfall and public school closings be damned!  After all, it’s far more important for people like Rick Perry and Chris Smith to control women’s uterii than it is to take care of actual business such as job creation.

I’ll not mince words: If you’re a woman, Republicans want to control you.  When a Republican screams about their rights being taken away, you can be damn certain it’s because they’ve been caught trying to do just that.  Women, people like Andy Mayberry want to control your uterus, and they are actively trying to take away your rights as an American.  This is about power over women, and it’s always been that way.

*When I say “Republicans,” I de facto include Teabaggers, since they’re about as independent as Newt Gingrich.  However, I also only mean most Republicans, because I know too many who can actually make a cogent, thoughtful argument, very much unlike Rick “I Love America So Much I Want To Secede From It” Perry.

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