Monday, June 24, 2024

AR-Sec. State: Martin Disputes Ad Buys

I was perusing content partner Roby Brock‘s post about the post-election debts, donations, and disparities in certain constitutional office races, when I noticed this little gem:

Republican Mark Martin raised $69,380 in his successful bid for Secretary of State. He reported spending $78,847 leaving him with an $8,392 deficit.  Martin’s report indicated that the debt was the culmination of two disputed radio advertising buys.  The report shows a “disputed radio advertising debt” of $7,930 to Clear Channel Radio and $3,180 to Signal Media of Arkansas. (emphasis added)

I am at a loss for how you can have a “disputed” media buy. Based on my (admittedly small) sample size of dealing with radio and tv contracts, that seems like the kind of thing that both parties would agree you either did or did not purchase.

I know this, however: between Martin’s initial comments to Donna Hutchinson, his bizarre “explanation” to a reporter after a Political Animal Club meeting, and now this “disputed” ad buy that  left Martin’s campaign in the red (and was not a loan to the campaign, which would be secured or would be his own money), Martin is not exactly lighting the world on fire as some kind of election-law virtuoso.

I didn’t think it was possible, really, but I am even less enthused today about Martin being elected as Secretary of State than I was when it happened.

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